05 March 2014

Creativity from this last week

Quite a long time ago I made a crow out of shiny packing tape. I tried to make prints of it and it worked to a degree. I ended up just keep the "original". This is a bookmark I made with plain beige masking tape and covered with black acrylic paint. I waited a while and rubbed the paint off the tape portion.

These were permanent ink pen sketches

This one with colored pencil

And this one with a watercolor wash

This is a sketch of a clay bead I made and fired in the kiln with this partial glaze. I have always like it. I made quite a few beads of heads. I'll show you next week along with the packing tape crow "original".


  1. i love the masking-tape crow. it gives a beautiful texture.

  2. Love the crow, bead and sketch. Wonderful!


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