10 March 2014

More creative fun

This "bookmark" was made when I was trying to use up some paint on a roller I had been using to make create images

This was a quick sketch I made in the hospital waiting room. That song had been rattling around in my head and the first person I saw in the hospital said "Good Morning"

I made this quick sketch with chalk. This was before spraying it with fixative a.k.a. hair spray.

and this one after spraying. It didn't affect the color much but did stabilize the chalk.

I know, I breed dust here. This is  cute girl done in clay and copper wire in the sunshine.

Here she is in indirect light. You can't see the dust as much. She is on a chop stick.

This head was done in clay and fired in a kiln with a glaze. Doesn't it look like Keith Richards?

Two dust covered children. They are probably calling for help from the dust fairie.

I tried to make prints from this not realizing I had used very flat corrugated cardboard and not mat or box board so it wouldn't print. All that effort with no prints but I liked it enough in itself to save it for my viewing pleasure.

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  1. I love the crow,great idea. would rubbing work with this kind of surface? Marion


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