24 December 2013

Two more books to win

Here are two more books for anyone to comment on.

This seemed interesting and had some good improvisational ideas:

The Fabric Dyers Dictionary is fairly new and filled with recipes for getting just the colors your are looking for.

SO to recap. The Japanese quilt book is a US only book because of the heavy weight but the other three books are up for grabs by any followers in the world.
Best of luck and a Happy Christmas, Solstice and New Year to all. 

Winners announced Friday Dec 27th.


  1. I don't know either of these books Beth!
    What's a 'Sliver quilt' ???

  2. Wow the dying book looks interesting. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  3. Either of these two would be fun to have also, though the Japanese is my first choice. I get the concept of slivers, but could always use more examples and method suggestions. And I'm a medium-experienced dyer, always looking for new tips.

  4. either of these books would be great to win

  5. I think both these books look like they would be interesting to have in your libarary.
    B.ev Longford

  6. I love the cover of the silver quilts book. I am a dyer and an going to investigate the dyeing book, it looks like one I may need :)

  7. I'm a serendipitous dyer, but it would be great to know how to get something specific once in a while! That looks like a really useful book.

  8. The book about dying looks interesting. I've always wanted to dye fabric, but have't taken the leap yet.


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