12 December 2013

Preview of coming attaractions

36 circles done. These are SOME of them on my bed just to preview and I have to say I am very pleased. I have spent countless hours agonizing over assembly. I want as few joins as possible yet keep the pieces to be joined small enough to quilt as I go.

My plan so far is to seam 6 across, cut oversized batting and backing and quilting the entire strip to within an inch of each edge. This way I would have 6 six foot strips to join. I can use the strip method from the tutorial

Or maybe just seam them without a strip. I am "planning" on adding an olive 2" boarder then a purple 3" boarder and finishing with 1/2 binding since they are replaceable with wear.

Each circle will have it's own free motion quilt design and you KNOW the spider web with the black shiny spider with be in residence!!


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