03 December 2013

kitchen finished finally

When my parents moved in with me 7 years ago, their apartment was my former kitchen. I took the small dining room in my house and extended it out making a huge kitchen which you have seen as my "wet studio" in many blog post.
About a year and a half ago my brother painted the long empty wall this darkish blue with plans to add open shelves later .
Well, this week that day finally arrived when our carpenter Dan, came  and did a few small home repairs one being the addition of the much awaited shelves. 
Over years I have collected various pieces of pottery, most from Germany where I lived with my first husband. Some of these pieces I bought at age 18 and many although very cheap in price have great sentimental meaning . One is a small cobalt tea pot I bought for a mark (at that time 25 cents) but it means the world to me. 
Here is the process:

I sanded down this butcher block top of my dishwasher (IKEA) because of multiple burns and stains. The latest burn was dark and deep and although I did a good job, the burn is still a bit visible. To sand deeper would have left deep grooves so I am happy.

See the little cobalt tea pot in its place of honor? I love that little tea pot. There is an entire story about that day. It was an amazing day.

Preparing for Thanksgiving day dinner.


  1. Beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving in your newly renovated kitchen!

  2. Great kitchen and I love the color. Nice kitchen ware!


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