06 December 2013

Blocks done ...almost

I finished sewing all the curved blocks then while stacking them in units found I was 9 short.

Best thread EVER

Remember this is the fabric I ran out of which I dyed pouring random unmeasured amounts of dye in a cement mixer.

cement mixer (BIG) from Home Pot

I HAD to make more so I went down without a camera  but with the cement mixer and starting pouring random amounts. The purple came out great (four yards) but the olive green ( 3 yards) was a challenge and the colors I was adding kept striking so it came out fair. Not really a matchy-match but good enough to use as sashing with the purple as a buffer.

You can see the random colors in the olive on the left

I cut out 2 olives and 18 purples and will sew them together, organize the  4 block creations and sew them tomorrow.

 Today I am going to Bangor, Maine (45 minutes away) to get a few things including a leather foot for my Bernina. Expect some amazing this to be done with that. I have 4 big bails of leather.
My REAL up front project is finishing the wool piece for the fire blog. I must have that done, photographed and posted through December THIS WEEK.

The upside of making another 4 yards of purple is that I can use the QAYG method now that I have strips to join with. More about this "plan" later.

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  1. I love that thread. I use it in the bobbins. Works perfect! And nice colors. I have to dye an olive as well. I don't know how they will be. They are hiding in plastic bags.


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