02 June 2012

Open House

Today was the open house/ class preview for the Art Greenhouse. It went very well and the workshops are filling. Here are some pics I took before and during...
 The Art Greenhouse
Gliders on the porch
 Seating area inside door and area for 4 six foot tables in the back.

 Comfortable seating area for conversation and coffee
This table opens to seat 6 for lunch
 Items set out for open house
 Stamp making workshop
 Thermofaxes for Surface Design workshop
 Painted fabric for Surface Design workshop
 Two examples of batik: one silk scarf and cotton

Silk Screening workshop - only one spot open!
Marcella, the other instructor talking about her workshops


  1. What a perfect location for classes!!

  2. what a wonderful place for workshops. Perhaps Nienke and I can come one day :)

  3. I love this little bunkie - in my dreams I have one as a studio! wish I could take workshops with you!


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