09 June 2012

I'm not a paper person

Well, I guess that isn't true any more. I just took Marcella's class in Cool Painted Papers. What a ball. Everyone loved it and we made wonderful papers to use in book making. I love making little books and now I have wonderful papers to use on the covers and techniques to use inside the books.
Here is a sample of some of today's work from the three of us.

One on left is on cotton ironed onto freezer paper.
 One on left is paste paper over a deconstructed piece of cotton in yellows

One of the students in our workshop
 Marcella spread turquoise paste over a piece of wet paper and below the final result

Student work
 And more student work

The Master's touch - Marcella's "sample". Just gorgeous!
Thank you Marcella for a fabulous class.


  1. Very, very beautiful. How did she make the last one?

  2. Ow..., I had other plans for today....must change the schedule I guess :-). Your dutch lesson for today: papier is ook leuk, paper is also fun!

  3. I love it, its beautuful such nice colors and patterns


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