21 June 2012

It's Been Quiet

I haven't been on the blog much. The workshops have been keeping me busy as well as a new interest in watercolors. I took a free online watercolor class and I must admit I am smitten. These are the two pieces I've painted over the last few days. This one is on very good quality Arches watercolor paper. It is a study of a quilt I am going to make.

This one is of some poppy heads I picked this morning on my 5am walk. I did it on crap paper so lesson learned: Don't waste your time or paints on crap paper. It was like egg carton - just super absorbent compressed paper.

I also made a "folder" to keep these small sketches in. It is about 8" X 10" and covered in the paper from the Paste Paper Workshop. I used permamnet markers to "color" the button and some heavy metallic cord with a silver foil bead as a closure. Very fun to make.

WARNING: You may see more watercolors in the future.


  1. be careful, sketching is very addictive! Lovely works you have made.

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  3. LOL And you have no interest in paper. Right!

    I have been wondering about the workshops. Glad you are enjoying them.

  4. Beautiful paste paper and watercolors!

  5. Beautiful results - and thanks for the link!

  6. So funny! I thanked you for the link before I clicked on it - I just signed up for that very class on Thursday! :)


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