19 June 2012

My First Worksop of the Season

This past weekend was the first workshop I taught - Silk Scarf Batik. Marcella was in attendance til noon when she had a mandatory family obligation (MFO) and had to leave. She was 2/3 of the way through her scarf and will finish it at home. One of the other participants had to rush her teenaged son to the ER with complications from a broken arm (both bones). In the afternoon Laura and I soldiered on completely 2 silk scarves each. I batiked one (Habotai) and used shibori with paint on the other (Crepe de Chine). Please check out the student work (scroll down to class)
This is my work

 Yes, these are the same colors as the last scarf I batiked but with different shapes

I just finished putting them on the Necessities or Not website.


  1. Beth, those scarves are glorious!!

    Too bad about your students, I hope all things went well for them in the end. (sheesh!)

  2. Fabulous!
    I especially like the first one!

  3. The second scarf, yammie! Too bad for your students.
    gr. Marjolijn

  4. Love that shibori scarf! And it is soooo your colors.

  5. What fun we had. Thank you Beth.


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