08 April 2012

New work from my deconstructed screen prints

Here are 2 things I am working on. This little thing about 10" X 10" was quick and fun. I like it.
And this is larger  33" X 24". I originally had gotten the spark of an idea while watching a crime show and the coroner was looking at x-rays of someone's teeth. Of course I also spent my professional life looking at x-rays of people's teeth too. I will call it, Vignettes.
These are all small bits of cut up deconstructed screen printed fabric


  1. What a great way to show the pieces. I love the half parts as well! Much more fun than X-rays of someone´s teeth to my humble opinion (scared for the dentist you guess right).

  2. Oh -- I love this. I've been trying to think up something cool to show off all these bits of fabric -- by jove you've got it! Surround them with black!

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