06 April 2012

Blueberry Girl 16" X 18"

I learned my lesson about using a stabilizer on the last piece and even with the (tear-away) stabilizer, I still had a small bit of puckering. I had to wash the water soluble stabilizer out of the piece and I think that may have contributed a bit to the shrinkage. I am pretty pleased with her. I ended up going with the blueberries, keeping the "Maine" theme going. She has a gingko branch and a small clump of blueberries still on the branch tip behind her.
I am also including close-ups of the flora. I used colored pencils, pastels and charcoal as well as thread sketching on both of these.
 It is very obvious how much bolder and dimensional she became after additional layers of charcoal, pencil and pastels. The first picture before the additions is here.  At first I felt disappointed with her but she has certainly come alive for me.
                                                       The pine tassel is all stitching
The ginkgo also has colored pencils on the leaves and branch. I made all the fugitive media permanent with base extender.

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  1. Oh yes, the shades do a lot. Much more body and depth. I think you must be inspired by the Kemshalls as well. I love their videos.
    gr. Marjolijn


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