04 April 2012

For the love of crows

If you at all familiar with my blog, you know how much I love crows and ravens. Here is few another attempt to capture the beauty and fun of my winged angels.
This beautiful fellow is all sketched in thread and colored with pastels, colored pencils and charcoal (YES!) I made them permanent with base extender from ProChemical and Dye   The pine tassel (my state flower) is stitched (still kicking myself for not using a better stabilizer) and the rocks are thread sketched and colored with pastels and colored pencils with base extender. He is done except for the background quilting in which I hope to flatten out the bumps around the pine tassel. He will be in my first solo show (more news about that later).
This playful girl has been sketched with some color added. I think I will highlight and do some extra darkening later and more base extender. As of yet no ground or the "object of her eye". It's a toss up between a red berry and some blueberries which are gaining in favor at the moment.

More later...


  1. Beautiful work on a beautiful background.
    Mooi werk op een mooie achtergrond.

  2. They are beautiful.And yes a good stabilizer works very well. That is something Susan has learned me last weekend. I did a lot of stitching with fabric and stabilizer first. Later it will be finished with quilting. That was quite an eyeopener (and really simple).
    gr. Marjolijn

  3. I love the blue-ish shine through the black bird. Very well executed in detail. And congrats on your solo-show!!

  4. this is gorgeous Beth.

    And what's with the "first solo show" teaser???!!!!???!!!

    Tell, tell!


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