27 December 2010

On a purse binge

More along the same line. I made another purse, a clutch, out of the same old quilt. I added the stars and lots of additional quilting in a spiral sun in chartreuse thread. I chose this shape because I had purchased 3 purse snap frames about a year or more ago and had never made anything with them.. This purse is about 18" wide by about 9 or 10 " deep. Nice and roomy. I added the loops to aid in opening the purse.

Then I made another of those purses that I love so much and have now made 3 versions of. This last one is made of the lovely batiked linen from the batik tutorial. I lined it with some fabric from a failed dyeing experiment and bound the edges and lined the shoulder strap with some hand dyed (LWI) I did with Rosalita this past spring. I ordinarily don't like yellow but it does go well with the batiked linen.

I just realized that I forgot to upload the photos of the first purse I made from the old quilt. It was beautiful and very unique but wasn't working for me as a purse to I gave it to my friend Jessie, of crow cookie fame. Well, here it is:


  1. These are beautiful purses. More unusual than jewelry, I think.

  2. I especially like the batik linen purse. That is a great pattern!

  3. Love, love - great fabric combinations, much pizzazz!


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