30 December 2010

Doll faces and a smokey house!

These are a couple of the attempts to do doll heads. The one with the painted face - lesson learned: don't use fabrico markers to color a dolls face. The blank face - lesson learned: don't use cotton jersey to make doll heads.

I will not concede defeat making a dolls head. I will persevere so stay tuned for future attempts.

Now about the smoke.
I thought, "What a great opportunity to do snow dyeing. I have with feet and feet of snow (drifts). So I set out to snow dye (pictures coming) and most of the blog posts I read talked about nuking the fabric after the snow melted. Yeah, you can see where this is going.
All went well til the last batch. The container I was nuking in, melted and great billows of smoke poured out of my microwave. Nothing quite as good for the respiratory system as burning plastic. The last fabric - of course the most beautiful - stuck to the melted plastic and tore - a lot.
So three fat halfs are in the washer with color grabbers and synthrapol. I am a bit bummed because I was so close to actually having one, now in the trash can, that was really beautiful. The other 3 are OK I guess. Maybe I should wait til they come out of the washer before I call the whole thing a loss...

OK so I was mistaken yet again. Here are the snow dyes.


  1. Grin...I see it is the lemon-make lemonade/snow-make snow dye thingie! Nice snow dyes. I need to do some faces on fabric...why not fabrico...too juicy?


  2. I've never heard of nuking the fabric when snow dyeing, I thought you just let the snow melt into the fabric. We had 8" of snow on Christmas here in NC but I didn't even want to attempt snow dyeing--I already have way too much dyed fabric that I'm not using up fast enough. The yellow fabric is my favorite, it looks just gorgeous!

  3. Dotti, I felt the fabric paint was WAY too bold. Next time I'll do acrylics
    Laura, All the directions I read said to nuke at the end.


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