20 December 2010


Call me crazy but I just love doing portrait quilts. I love my other stuff and abstract art but I get such satisfaction from doing portraits. I like trying to capture the essence of a being in fabric. I don't know if you can see these details but the white is cotton covered with organza and it sparkles. The black is a curly flocked satin with glittery bling.

In case you are wondering who Molly is, she is a full sister to Gabby about 5 years removed. They both have the same parents just not the same litter. I think Molly must be around 9 or 10 by now and she is the queen bee of my friend Donna (a.k.a. my springer neighbor). We were neighbors in Portland many moons ago.


  1. I love your portraits. This is another good example. I loved your other ones too. The cat was beautiful. Of course, you know I am a cat lover anyway.

  2. What a joy to see her today! Thank you for perfectly capturing her inner quilt.


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