12 October 2020

Remember the solvent transfer?

This piece of fabric I did a solvent transfer onto has been kicking around the studio for many months. Today I grabbed it and made a book cover.

There were 5 layers of fabric and one of acrylic felt so I used my monster (Ernest Wright) scissors to cut the rectangle. Ordinarily I can't use scissors but there are those occasions when only scissors will do the job. I was never so happy to see the introduction of rotary cutters. My thumb joints are backwards and the scissors really kill! I stuck the sharpie in there for size comparison.



  1. What a beautiful cover! You do wonders with feathers... and I'm with you, rotary cutters are my go to tool for cutting whenever
    possible. I also have small scissors with very small points when I cut small items. They cost more than I normally would have
    paid for scissors, but they're perfect when I want sharp details cut. The right tools really make the difference!

  2. Five layers plus felt? Your poor scissor hand! What a lovely book cover. Will the cover stay on the same book forever, or will it move around, depending on what you're reading (or writing in)?

    1. TYhose giant scissors cut like a hot knife...
      The cover is custom made for that book although it might work on another of somewhat similar size. The "pocket" that holds the cover on goes almostall the way inside to the spine. See above for the free tutorial "Best Book Cover Ever"


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