13 October 2020

Fabulous Silkscreened Scarf Workshop Online


Marcella has been really encouraging me to make an online workshop. She has lined up a video producer who could film, edit and upload the entire thing. So the reason I am bringing it up is to just see if there is any interest out there. The workshop I had in mind would be my fabulous silk screened scarves.

The eight different segments include

  • Supplies and suppliers
  • Making the screens (very easy)
  • Different ways to make designs on the screens
  • Choosing and preparing the fabrics
  • How to make print paste and thickened dye
  • Screening the designs with a few simple rules about choosing colors
  • Batching
  • Washing out
Each of these segments would have multiple steps with very easy to follow instructions. You would also have access to a private Facebook group for sharing your work, asking questions and getting ideas. The cost of the course is $75. and it would remain available to you for at least five years.

Please let me know what you think of this idea by either leaving a comment below or sending me an email using the contact form at the bottom of the page. I'd really love to hear what you think.


  1. Would love a class like this! For those who have only high-cost limited data internet access, it would be a plus if there was a way to be able to download to watch offline (don't know the technicalities, but perhaps download file could expire after specified time or option to purchase permanent download?). Thanks for doing this....

    1. Thanks Rena. This is the information gathering pause so comments like yours are really appreciated!!

  2. How exciting, Beth! One thing you can do to boost interest is getting it out to folks via social media. I know you don't do facebook, but if you can put it together with a write up or even a short video to promote it, I have some groups I can share it to in the hopes it will garner interest. I might even have to give it a try! Haven't done much with my screens and can't remember when I last used thickened dyes... might not get to it until next year, but it would be a nice break from my regular work! Keep us posted...

    1. Thanks Judy. This is such an initial stage. I like the social media idea but will wait until I get more info!

  3. Brenda at the Library is going to video me giving a demonstration for a Zoom workshop I'll be giving. I would rather give it in person, but I can see how you might enjoy it it since you do a lot of art classes online. I have to admit I do learn a lot from online demo's, like from your Seaweed Kisses. Those colors on silk, so vibrant!


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