29 October 2020

More book stuff


Coptic with a hard cover

Forgot the name but it's the book from the cover of the book which I REALLY loved.

Stab binding with rice paper

Ribbon binding

U shaped accordion fold with pockets. In the pockets are the ink samples below.

Slot book

detail of "hinge"

Flip Flap book

These are the covers for the U shaped concertina with pockets.


  1. These look like so much fun to make! I love your marks and the colors you are using! I'll just bet you had a bookmaker somewhere in your ancestry! ;-)

    1. I don't know about ancestors but I never touched paper until I met Marcella. She gave me the paper bug and I gave her the fabric bug. I think we both won!!

  2. So glad to have you feature this book. I loved the bit of bookmaking that we did in Dorothy's workshop, and meant to pursue this on my own, but never did. I bought BOUND soon after it was published, and looked through it, but again, didn't make anything. In the summer of 2019 I did a papermaking workshop at Oxbow, coming home with a hefty supply of lovely paper, but still no book making done. But you have inspired me, and it helps to know I already have a book that you have enjoyed using. I hope to do something soon!

    1. The thing I LOVED about this book was the simplicity (not the Turkish map fold) and using inks or watercolors or even acrylics to decorate the covers. Just right in and make the first book. It will take 5 minutes and give you confidence! When you get to coptic binding, I will give you a YouTube place to get the BEST directions. Have fun and share the pictures!!!


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