23 July 2020


All the the 144 squares have been sorted by hue and value. I will be arranging them in a diagonal wave 5 feet X 7 feet. I will have to dye some additional fabric for a border and binding.

And now a cautionary tale

I bought 6 spools of "Essential Pro" thread from Connecting Threads. It looks great doesn't it? Well, it was total rubbish. The thread width varied regular to thin, broke while sewing and had slubs so big I was actually shocked they made it through the eye of the needle.

I went on to the website and it said NO RETURNS. I wrote them an email and expressed my shock about the poor quality - total lack of quality - of their Essential Pro thread. I never even received the courtesy of a return email. These were over $40. On top of that it took weeks for it to get here. I followed up a few days later with a phone call and they said they would send a return label and my money would be refunded. Never again.

I immediately went to Wawak, selected 8 spools of top quality Gutermann thread and it cost over a dollar LESS a (over 1000yds) spool. Super high quality. I'm just sayin'. DO NOT buy anything from Connecting Threads.


  1. Glad you persisted and they came through...I totally get the aggravation though...Returns are essential for Internet shopping. The fabric is dreamy!


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