20 July 2020

Fun with Marcella and Jean

Marcella and Jean came over yesterday and we had a great play date. We took a sheet of A2 paper and used blue painters tape to tape it to the table and to divide the sheet into six sections. We used ALL KINDS of media to make marks including ink, watercolors, acrylic paint, posca pens, charcoal, hairspray, oil pastels and much, much more. The main thing is that we painted the entire sheet as though there was no tape on it then when done, removed the tape. Now we had six discrete pictures. 

When I took off the tape it was so interesting I taped it into my sketchbook and added a few marks. What a fun day.


  1. I love these! So glad you are able to set up such fun play dates! We need to keep having
    fun, in spite of everything, and these definitely look like they were lots of fun to create!

    1. They were fun and I've sent you out the Lupin seeds I promised you. You should get them in the next few days.

  2. Super wonderful. I've also been thinking about the compartmentalized boxes that Zoom creates...


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