06 July 2020

How this all started

I walk 2.3 miles every morning between 4 and 5:30 am. I have a neighbor with not only a green thumb but a wonderful sense of landscaping. He has this small tree/tall shrub that I found fascinating.

 It is so unusual and he said it was called a sweetshrub. I went to the local nursery where he bought it and came home with a car load.

This was mine just about 18" tall

Very cool blossom

Hypericum with red berries that open into bright orange blossoms.

Curly willow

A Red, yes red, hydrangea. Tag below

Rogues gallery of plants. 

The one without a photo is a giant solomon's seal


  1. What a lovely assortment! I do love the Sweet Shrub... it reminds me of a tulip tree bloom - very elegant!

    1. Except 4-5 feet tall. It is a beauty

  2. The green/red mix of color in that bush reminds me of your dyed fabrics. I can picture you our there industriously planting away. Which is your local nursery, I wonder...

    1. Carol's Collectibles in Swanville. Her stuff is great!!


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