07 May 2020

Spring Break

The first thing was to literally use soapy water and a putty knife to clean my work table as well as tidy the place so that I can breath again.

How satisfying is that!!

Next thing was to start a FUN project. A "friend" on Instagram was making a book/sketchbook out of prints and I remembered a great set of workshops on DMTV that I did a few years ago. They are only 7.5 GBS  which is $9.33. In this classroom there are 5 individual half hour (about) workshops on making these really fun and easy sketchbooks. 

Anyway, I bought the classroom collection and I am starting on the sketchbooks. I wish I could show you the process but it is the Kemshalls intellectual property.

This is me starting with two large (22 x 30) sheets of paper.

The aftermath of step one

Believe it or not THAT is my bathroom sink and it usually looks like that. I only use it to wash paint and other materials. I don't bother to clean it because it will look like that again the next day. I know because I foolishly scrubbed it one day and voila, a mess.

I do hope you will give this group of workshops (Classroom) a try because the fun only STARTS when the sketchbook is made. You'll have to trust me on this but creativity will be pouring out of you before you are done.


  1. Good idea. It should to try it...

    1. It makes working in a sketchbook easier when you already had a mark on the page to respond to.

  2. THAT is very satisfying, the clean up after intensive work. You are too funny. Your spring break consists of diving into a new project!! I would say "No rest for the weary," but your art doesn't make you weary, it satisfies and energizes you...

  3. Great idea, Beth. I've signed up for the class because of your suggestion and because the things that you make inspire me. I love to print on fabric and paper- it's my favorite way to make art. I've done other DMTV classes from the Kemshalls and have loved them. I have to get my hands on a large piece of paper, though, for this one.

  4. A good robust paper is the best. I loved doing it and I wrote about it on the blog when I did it. I just can't remember the dates. You will have a ball!! The Kemshalls are great and so much of what I've learned has been from them.


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