30 April 2020


I'm sure you are aware of the fact that sewers are making masks in droves. Me too; I've made about 60 and they've gone out all over the country. I found this is the best mask pattern, by Leah Day, the free motion queen.

It's amazing, once the word gets out, how many friends, family and neighbors will want one of your masks. We all have scraps to work with.

For people with small faces (tiny women) and children, I either make the Leah Day mask narrower- 6 inches or use the cone mask pattern.. This is a bit of a weird site but they have a huge array of sizes. I make the small for kids and small face people.

Some masks in process

Let's all be safe.


  1. Beautiful masks! I'm sure those who receive them are thrilled! I'm cranking out as many as I can too, including working with a friend
    who sells thru a sales rep, so many are going to mini marts and truck stops for travelers. But a good portion are going to residents here,
    so I feel like I'm doing some small part to keep people healthy... hope so! Meanwhile, it keeps us busy, right? ;-)

    1. It's my way of helping friends. They get a mask/s in exchange for prayers/positive energy for those on the front line (doctors, nurses, EMT, fire and police).

  2. I was hoping you'd do a post about your masks...I have my 2 favorites, I see!!! The prettiness of them makes them inviting to wear, rather than being horrified by the thought...Thank you...
    (It's Sunday, Sewing Day!!)

    1. Glad you like them. I'm am well on my way on my quilt - sewing day11


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