13 April 2020

Jean's indigo dyed project

Remember Jean from Indigo Dyeing Days?? One of the things she dyed were old crocheted doilies from her mother-in-law. She intended to put them together in a quilt. Well, she did and here it is in her own words.

Here is the wall hanging I made featuring my mother-in-law's doilies--many of which I dyed in your indigo vat.  Some are the natural color of the perle cotton, so I went for the layered look.  There are also bits of vintage lace and trims and some mother of pearl buttons.  In the background patchwork are bits and pieces of "hand-dyes by Beth".  Over all I'm pleased.  The quilting looks very unprofessional.  It was hard to keep it steady and smooth over all those bumpy layers.

What a beauty!!


  1. Ce idee grozava!! Am si eu dantele de la mama pastrate ca amintire. Mama su bunica coseau, crosetau, tricotau, iar bunica tesea covoare traditional romanesti.
    Ps. Beth, eu scriu acum comentariul in limba Romana, tu il primesti tradus deja? Te rog sa imi spui asta.

    1. Hi Carmina. I am putting the comment here:
      What a great idea !! I have my mother's laces kept as a memory. His grandmother's mother sewed, crocheted, knitted, and her grandmother wore traditional Romanian rugs. Ps. Beth, I now write the comment in Romanian, are you getting it translated already? Please tell me that.
      Did Jean do a great job?

  2. Ha, ha, ha.... I think Google has a lot of work, romanian-english-romanian... The translation is not very exact. Conclusion, it is better to use my translation.

  3. The last comment was written in English, but I observe that it was published finally in Romanian. This comment is also write in English. I don't know what happens 😀. Also, sometimes the publish button disappears while I write the comment... Like now.


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