16 January 2020

Speaking of prezzies

I "met" Louise Watson on Instagram and we have developed an "online" friendship. She illustrated a book of recipes as a fund raiser for a community center in her small town in the Cotswold.

The illustrations are both sketches and photos of her wonderfully embroidered baked goods. You can see them on her website. You should check it out. At any rate, I traded her one of my sketchbooks for her "Little Book of Baking" and when her recipe book arrived, it was accompanied by the most wonderfully embroidered rook which she had made. What a lovely surprise this was.

When I first framed it I used a mat but that really took away from the torn edges of the piece.

This is now hanging right in my little office area where I can see it every day.


  1. Thank you Beth for showing this. Really glad you are enjoying him. I took the photos that I worked from at the bird hide on the Severn Estuary at Slimbridge Wildlife and Wetland Trust. This rook was so busy digging in the stones looking for insects, it was mesmorizing.

    1. Thank you for the back story. That makes the embroidery even more precious. I just love this piece and it is hung about 5 feet from where I am sitting so I can see it all day. I just love it.


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