13 January 2020

Improvisational Quilt

I was itching to make something on the Nora. After the replacement belt came and I experienced how silky the Nora stitched, it has been a struggle to keep my hands off. The belt is a bit too tight for my liking and I think I mentioned I bought a neoprene belt which will arrive tomorrow with the foot pedal/rheostat for the Mira. Two prezzies in one day. Meanwhile I have been sneaking over and doing a few improvisational blocks of the Nora

I have also been listening to a 20 hour long recorded book so I seem to just keep on going. I say Improv but there is actually a lot of planning, ripping and redoing that goes on. I did get the main body finished.

Then I had to add a "border"of sorts to wrap around the backing so I can frame it.


I now start on the machine quilting, then move on to the hand stitching and a very small amount of beading. So this isn't over til it's framed and on my wall.

Finished piece in February.

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  1. Congratulations! You are very hardworking and the things are promising.


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