03 January 2019

Taking a felting workshop

My friend TieDye Judy told me about this fabulous felting workshop she is taking. I signed up and my sister and I are working along with master felter Jackie Cardy. We've already watched 3 of the 12 workshops in the Fabulous Fibre series and are loving it. Thanks for the heads up Judy.

Love this landscape my sister made

This will be transformed with stitch (keep watching)

Above is my effort and I hope to transform this into something special!!

And in case you missed it on my Instagram account, these were special orders from my big Art Show and Sale a few weeks ago.


  1. Love the felting, and your commission work! Glad you are enjoying Jackie's video. Looking forward to more work!

    1. We really enjoyed it. Right now she is moving in to my old studio. I definitely have studio envy but I just can't do those stairs anymore. As so as all her feathers have settled in her nest we will start playing again!!


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