24 January 2019

Knitting and my self portrait from 1966

I recently sent my son two of my remaining art pieces (I destroyed the rest, temperamental?) and now I just have one left. The two I sent him were a pen and ink - pointillism - of a young girl and a charcoal of a young boy. Here they are hanging on the wall in his house in Malta. I did the girl at 16 and the boy at about 19.

 I dug around until I found my old self portrait which NO ONE liked but me. Odd since I was so hypercritical of my painting as a kid. I was 15 or 16 when I painted it. Any how, the frame was crap so I re-framed it and I like it even better.

Now on to the knitting. I found this lovely lambs wool Aran yarn in my knee wall while looking for forgotten things. I have no idea what I will do with it.

And last but not least this is "The Lake", Horizon 3 on it's way to Arizona.


  1. That is an authentic self portrait...I wonder if you had let go of your self criticism while making it...sometimes it takes hours, days or even years to get a new perspectivie on art that I've made...Oh that yarn is creamy luscious!

    1. I think it was authentic and it still stands 55 years later.


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