20 February 2018

Valentines Day Cards

My partner and I have friends in Milwaukee who always send us a Valentines Day card. Each year I "promise" myself to reciprocate next year. Well, after 12 Valentines Day's I am finally keeping my promise to myself. After all isn't love the most important thing we can give our friends, neighbors and the world?

I tried to think of what love was exactly and then I came upon this Helen Keller quote which kind of said it all.

I used my Winter Solstice Card format which I had saved to word and used "card" and printed 4 on each sheet. Then I laid them face down on my work table and stamped on hugs and kisses.

I used alphabet stamps in X's and O's in two different fonts and rollered out paint on my gelli to act as a stamp pad.

I cut a heart out of compressed sponge by cutting out a paper heart, tracing the outline on the sponge, then carefully cutting it out.

You can see my gelli "stamp pad".

Cut with my paper cutter and Voila!

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