13 February 2018


From a major dyeing blunder

to am almost empty pallate

The promised 10 inches of powdery snow fell last night which made today "Snow Dye Day". Let's get on with the fun. I was a little  apprehensive about trying this again but I had made a strong concentrate of "grape", a new green with lemon yellow and navy and I had a nice bottle of turquoise. 

I made up a gallon of warm soda ash solution and soaked this shirt in it for about 45 minutes because I was busy mixing dyes and I figured extra time in the soda ash wouldn't hurt.

I also had these four skeins of #3 pearl cotton that had been getting in my way for a long time so I decided to dye them too.

A bucket of fresh Maine snow and a wrung out shirt full of promise.

 I always try to get it opened up completely with as few actual folds as possible then I "gather" it into the center leaving hills and valleys instead of fabric folded onto itself. I hope you get what I mean.

Covered completely with snow.

When I applied the dye, I started with the grape and scribbled it on followed by green and turquoise in the blank centers of the scribbles. I finally applied a back and forth line of plain blue making sure I got the turquoise and green all the way to the edges.

These top two are turquoise and green and purple and green with the bottom two purple and blue and green and blue. I like those combinations.

Going, going

Gone.......and I see some yummy colors that I love

This is what I was talking about. The green split out a bit into some small patches of yellow but I am very happy with this.

Front and back

The skeins on the net lingerie bag they were washed and dried in.



  1. Awesome! What a fabulous save! Every time you wear this, you will enjoy it even more, knowing you saved it from being 'yuck', and morphed it into such a beautiful garment! And your floss is beautiful... I've been culling thru my stash to pull out some I could dye... almost out of one of my faves - blue, green, purple. Thanks for sharing this project... gives hope to all who have a similar experience!

    1. BIG sigh of relief. The other top which I like even better is too small for me - sigh but I WILL be wearing this to a conference in March!!

  2. OH. YEAH!!!! Fabulous save!

  3. I've never tried the route of taking out a bad dye job and re-dyeing, but this certainly shows that it's worth the effort, especially as it was on a garment--really beautiful, and the thread is a great bonus.

    1. Thanks Penny. I loved the dress the minute I saw it because I thought, "I can dye this". So glad it was "saved".

  4. Serious determination! I'll be on the lookout for more of these "Artist Shirts"! You should definitely think about selling these!

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  6. Persitance! Color! Joy and Fun and a beautiful process and product!


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