23 February 2018

A gift from a friend

When I went to IKEA, I met a friend who has been at every single one of my workshops. She lives near the IKEA which is four hours, 240 mile each way for me. We had breakfast and she gave me a gift card as a thank you along with 2 packages of Artist Trading Cards. She will also be at the NEW MidSummer Maine Event which is all about inviting the Muse to play, boosting creativity, and working out these concepts on paper THEN fabric.

This packet contains many kinds of Strathmore Artist Papers.

Oil pastel on watercolor paper with watercolors painted on below.

 I am trying various mediums on them and these are the first few I tried.

Unfortunately this was my interpretation  of an Alpaca

An automatic pencil, bamboo pen and conventional ink pen along with a sketch of a Raven's skull.


  1. I love these, especially the oil pastels... gorgeous colors! And I think your "Alpaca" is very cute! Have fun...

    1. I think th Alpaca needs work on it's snout

  2. What a fun experience and gift! Something new to play with! I like the alpaca too...


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