02 October 2017

Show and Tell

Saturday night is the night we share an evening meal and carrot cake followed by show and tell. We have done this every year since we started in 2010. It seems we were all very interested in eating and not taking photos of the food and all 17 of us at our table. Here are some show and tell photos.

Michele O'Neil Kinkaid and her quilt with assistance from Ann Turner

These were both Ann Turner's quilts

MaryAnn Gallagher

Paulette Martel with her felted pods. Very cool!

Carol Owen with her book "Heartfelt" which was recently published

Janice Jones (below)

and her husband, David's oil painting below. He currently has 2 exhibitions going in Paris.

Jodi Scaltreto and her lovely watercolor

                                                   Anne Standish above and below

The last three are Margaret Sheehan's work. I know one is in a show soon.


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