27 October 2017

A book for Susan

While Susan was here, we made a few pieces of paste paper. I asked her to leave the one she liked the best and I would make her a book with her paste paper on the covers. She had never made a book so I took some process pictures for her to explain the process.

First I took a piece of heavy duty book board and measured out two covers. I trimmed each down to size 6.5" X 9.5"

Her finished piece of paste paper

I flipped it over and spaced out the covers on the bottom half of the sheet. There is more than enough paste paper left for one large book or two small ones.

I traced around each cover

Then trimmed the corners at a 45 degree angle with enough paper outside the angle to cover the pointy corner of the book

I laid each piece out and brushed on PVC glue.

After covering each cover with paste paper I cut a smaller sheet of watercolor paper to act as cover papers.

Time to pierce the cover and 10 signatures with holes for the coptic sewing process.

I wrapped each cover in waxed paper and placed under a heavy stack of books

OK So I cheated and stitched the pages in the book while watching a movie on my computer.

The finished book. Either side can be the front.

Look at that stitching. I love the color of waxed linen I chose.

A close-up


  1. Turned out very beautiful, Beth! What a lovely memento of your visit together!

    1. Yes and what a wonderful time we had together!!

  2. WOW that is freaking awesome!!! I have always wanted to make a book!! Great job!! Nice paper. Thanks for sharing! Pam

    1. Thanks Pam. I am having a special workshop this summer and the first day we will make paste paper like Susan made and we will assemble a book just like this. It will be June 22,23,24th here in Maine. Now is the time to plan to attend!

  3. Love it!! Such perfect little stitches, those coptics!! Was it cheating to watch a movie while stitching? I don't think I understood...

    1. I actually always watch a movie while stitching (hehe)


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