25 November 2016


As usual, I worked on a third piece and did a last layer on it. It was this piece

 I used black India ink and lighter colored oil pastels. Sorry, I didn't photograph it when I was done but I did use it in the finished piece below.

I'm not sure if you can see this but it is all waffley and gross looking. I was SO disappointed but since the papers were fused I didn't know what to do. Long story short, the reason it was so waffely was that the fusible was not really holding it together. I was able to tease the strips apart and weave them "the other way" if you know what I mean. What is seen here is hidden and was is hidden shows. I like it even better now and it is actually fused to itself so it will hold together and it is FLAT. I am going to cut it and put part of it in a 12 X 12 frame and the other bit left will be cut and placed in a smaller frame or frames. I promise photos after the first of the year.

Isn't this an even better image with the two circles and the white X (which cracked from the heat of the iron - very cool)


  1. I like that 'gross' background. It reminds me of impressionistic water. :)

  2. A very interesting result ... I like the combination of colors, it is very successful.

  3. Again, intricate, complex, lots of components and yet harmonious...COLOR!!!!!

  4. Love the effect.


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