08 August 2016

The new addition to our home


I LOVE dogs. We have a standard Poodle named Niamh and a "toilet brush" dog named Owen. We got Niamh from a local shelter nine years ago.

We got Owen from Louisiana through PuppyLoveMe.org. He is Mr. Personality and the ruler of all he surveys. Look in those eyes and even try to resist.

Well, a little girl is about to rock his world and her name is Kiki. We didn't name her but we like it and it suits her.

These two are the pictures from the website. She was 3 months old and 10 lbs at that time.

These two pictures were taken by her "foster mom's" Rita and Barbara.

This is the transport company that takes these dogs from high kill shelters in the south to loving homes in Yankeeland. They travel in style with air conditioning and 3 walks a day while in transit. All of PuppyLoveMe's dogs are in foster homes and have been pulled as the best of the best from high kill shelters. They are fully Vetted and neutered. Being with a foster family you know exactly what kind of dog you are getting. Kiki was described as a good girl, a sweet girl. Can't wait. We can pick her up in Maine August 25th after her 5 day quarantine (a Maine law). 

If I could I'd have a ranch and bring as many of these sweet dogs north as possible. I love dogs!!!!!


  1. Will be such fun to meet her next month!

  2. Lucky Kiki... a loving home and canine family as well to be part of!

  3. Wow!! She looks adorable! I think you are starting a little ranch of your own!

  4. What a cute little dog. She's lucky to get such a warm home.

  5. Kiki is a cute puppy and lucky.Enjoy it.

    1. Thanks Carmina. We get her a week from Thursday. She leaves Lousiana tomorrow and arrives in Maine Saturday. Then there is a 5 day wait!!. I'll be posting pics of the cutie!!

  6. I'm so happy for all of you. She looks like a sweetheart.


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