10 August 2016


I know it is hard to see but I did a pretty nice sketch of my house in pen. Then I painted the words in India ink with a japanese calligraphy brush. I cut the house stencil and painted it in thin and terrible white acrylic paint. I ran a band of green oil pastel along the bottom and blue at the top of the sketch then washed it all in watercolors. None of this was an original idea. It was all "borrowed" from another person.

The acrlic paint acted as a resist for the watercolors

The pastels also resisted the watercolors.



  1. This is a lovely page Beth!

  2. I just read/saw some illustrated journal artist's use of layering...I think the book is called Journal It! from the library...You are inspiring me...I want to layer too!

  3. I love your idea...nice for journals!


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