29 August 2016

Still working on MY HOME sketchbook

I am certainly taking my time on my "HOME" sketchbook. I did a few more pages but I'm not in love with any of these.

This was done with oil pastels with a watercolor wash over them.

These spread was a map of Penobscot Bay with acrylic painted houses and a watercolor wash. Too dark.

Above is a print from a Catalpa leaf and below are the two sides of the leaf. The spread is 12" X 18" so you can see how HUGE these leaves are.


  1. Love the leaves! I have a poplar tree with leaves on top that are pretty big... too high up for me to harvest 'em, darn it!

  2. I love the leaves too.

  3. I have two of those darn catalpa trees in my yard, the leaves are huge and I've used them for printing and for pottery designs.


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