22 April 2015

This past weekend

A woman I met through the blog asked if I would consider coming to her house for a bookmaking workshop. It was quite a ride but it sounded like fun to me so I did. She very graciously put me up at her house on Saturday and Sunday we had our workshop.

I am always so wound up hoping I don't forget anything  important like paper (smile). Much to my delight the women I met were lovely, no one got hurt, and the books came out wonderfully. I of course made sure I charged my camera battery and brought the camera but I was so involved I forgot to take out the camera and take pictures. The best I can do is show the type of books we made.


Long Stitch with a leather cover

Inside a long stitched book

 Accordion Fold

I have tutorials for the Coptic and Accordion fold but there is nothing likes "hands on" and personal instruction. Some folks can learn from a picture and others learn by watching.

The bottom line was everyone learned and the books were all so unique. Thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great books. What a nice lady to invite you for a workshop.

  2. What a lovely way to give a workshop.

  3. The long stitch with a leather cover is quite different from any I've seen - love it. I love making books! Glad you got to join in with them!

  4. What fun - I wished I lived nearer Beth!

  5. Lovely books, Beth!


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