29 April 2015

Paper bowl

* Please check out Judith's website, Quilt or Dye

Two weeks ago Judith came over and wanted to make paper bowls. She brought her bowl to use as a mold and I picked a small bowl to use as a mold. We covered our bowls with plastic then laid layers of paper pulp we had made by wizzing shredded paper in a blender. We lifted it out with a screen, pressed as much water out as possible  then let it dry for a few days.

Of course (as usual) I took no process pictures but don't lose heart, Judith is coming back Thursday and we will do it again. MUST remember the camera. I do have to admit, I did it halfheartedly but I will be a bit more vigorous this next time.

Next we painted both sides with a heavy coat of matte medium. I did two coats.

Then I painted the outside with a few coats of Seta-Color in a mildly metal purple. This was just the first coat. 

The best part was painting the inside of the bowl with gold.


Below is a great tutorial Judith found on YouTube.


  1. Very wonderful! Did I tell about the blog I saw yesterday about making paper bowls? Check out the August 5, 2013 post at the Artful Dreamer blog. It's another way to make paper bowls. More like a collage technique. Gotta try this soon!

  2. Years ago, I saw bowls like these in an upscale gallery in CA, and fell in love with them! These are great, and I have a shredder full of paper.... hmmmm. And yet A N O T H E R thing to try! Look forward to more posts about this!

  3. You & Judith, what a great team!!! Love the gold, look forward to seeing more!


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