21 April 2014

Working in my sketchbook

Remember the pages of the sketchbook I tried to "tint" with acrylic paints and my gelli plate? Well, I decided to do some work on those pages as the spirit moved me. Here they are:

This was one of those pages with paint too opaque to sketch over. I'm not sure what I will do but I cut a door.

This one has a window cut. I used some of the material I removed to use in a collage (last picture) and the rest I used to make another "creative" bookmark.

When you open the window there is a rubbing in graphite of Eric with a "frame" created with a rubber stamp I made. I then used matte medium to attach it to the dark purple page with an over coat of matte medium.

This was a nice lightly colored page and I used it to jot down some ideas for marks, thermofax screens and stamps. Judith is coming tomorrow for another play date. My next post will be all about the thermofax screens.

This is the collage page with a rubbing of a hand carved stamp I made of a raven's head on tracing paper. The feather stamp was an overall print design of feathers in turquoise with the gold feather stamped on top. This was also done on tracing paper. Both were laminated to the pages using matte medium. The thin lines below were both the yellow and purple sides of the "window" I cut out (above) also attached with matte medium. The most interesting part of this left page was the edging. I laid a plain sheet of paper about an inch in from the left edge, scribbled on heavy graphite near the edge of the plain paper then used my finger to rub the graphite off the paper and onto the sketch book. I then used a pen to create the appearance of stitches. I think it is very cool!!

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