08 April 2014

My BIG dyeing project and treasures from the beach

I decided to have a huge dyeing project involving the 12 hues of the color wheel and 3 values of each. I am also doing a portrait quilt in browns so I dyed that too.

The first day I dyed the 4 fat quarters for the portrait in a pre-mixed brown MX dye from Pro-Chem. It was obviously made with red and probably green but the lightest value turned pink. Very disappointing!! Then I dyed one yard each of fuchsia, lime green, grape and sun yellow.

What a disaster. First (note to self) never dye complementary colors and wash them even WITH color catchers. The yellow suffered the most and I used so much dye there was little difference in the values. Some I will over-dye later. 

Then I made by OWN brown using golden yellow, turquoise and mixing red and it came out much better

I have put the dyeing project on the shelf for now. Meanwhile here are pictures of my beach bootie.


  1. I don't know what you were looking for, but these all look great to me, ;) And your beach booty us fabuloys! Especially that flat rock!

  2. thanks, this'll be very cool!

  3. Do you use synthropol or maybe even Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid when washing out the fabrics? That seems to help me a lot. gjeneve@gmail.com

  4. Yes. I scrubbed the fabric in ice water with heavy rubber gloves then soaked them in individual containers of ice water. Then I scrubbed some more in ice water then washed with 2 color catchers and synthapol on "sanitize" which is like boiling water. The purple (grape) just overwhelmed everything. lesson learned. I will only dye analogous colors when continuing the dyeing project.

  5. I think you r too hard on yourself. I usually end up mixing a bit of black and overdue all of my mistakes. They don't seem quite as bad when I dull them down. I have yet to make a good brown and think I will try your formula. l

  6. Oh, and the beaxh bootie. I see quilt hangers, book closures, places for stones to hide. L

  7. Laura, I have now made peace with my dyeing adventure and will start anew when this portrait quilt I am working on is done. So stay tuned!!


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