25 April 2014

Thermofax Screens

This past weekend I taught my first workshop of the season. It was a ball and just what the doctor ordered. NOW I feel like a normal person - all treatment has ended!!

Here are a few images I sent to Lyric Kinard for her to make into thermofax screens:

These first few were made using a sink mat with square holes cut. I just used the rigid edges of the mat to help contain the pen. Diagonal lines

There were circles within the square

 These were horizontal lines made with a marker

The handwriting is backwards on purpose. I wanted the "marks" of handwriting without being able to read it. The top one was marker and the bottom one was pen

This last one was done to mimic a side view of waffley papers. I did this free hand. All of these were done as overall background on cloth (or paper) as a first layer.

Yesterday Judith came over for a play date and the screens arrived too so I tried them with thickened dye. More about the play date next post.

Here they are with the dye wet:

 And here they are washed and ironed

The ones that look green were done with Judith's thickened dye which has soda ash added. It had been so long that the black dye was exhausted. Live and learn. I used black thickened dye on pre-treated cloth.


  1. Oh, Beth! These are wonderful! I look forward to seeing the cloth as you add layers! I have a couple of screens I had Lyric make awhile back, and need to put them to use... your idea of making marks using a sink mat is ingenious! And I can't wait to hear more about your class, and your play date... tell all!

  2. I don't think I really understand what thermofax screens are. How are they different from the gelli plates you use? And how are thermofax screens used?

  3. The sink mat idea is so very clever and the screen prints look great!

  4. What great screens--and how wonderful that your treatment is at an end!


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