12 November 2013

Telling it like it is

Recently a friend of mine posted about her health crisis and that her way of posting might change.
Well, many of you know about my breast cancer diagnosis this past summer and to tell you the truth, the chemo has really got me down for the count. Tomorrow I start a new chemotherapeutic agent which I hope will be a bit kinder. Between the nausea and fatigue I sometimes don't make it out of bed and my ambition has gone out the window.
I am the guest blogger on the And then we set it on fire blog for December. I am so excited about the project but can't seem to get out of my own way. I am also looking at the fabric I dyed for the circle quilt and can't seem to move. I think unless you've been on chemo, it is hard to imagine the extent of the fatigue.
I am telling you all this because I too will be continuing to post but the posts may be less frequent and not connected to one another. It's the best I can do now.
Now to add a picture. This is the hat with a brim I knitted all blocked and ready to wear. Hope to see you here soon. 


  1. I am not surprised to hear of your fatigue, Beth. I know others who have gone through chemo in the past couple of years who have said the same thing... it really knocks you for a loop. I love your hat! The colors and texture are wonderful, and I hope you enjoy wearing it! Rest, nurture yourself, and keep focus on the horizon ahead. I will continue to pray for your speedy and complete recovery! Hugs,

  2. Beautiful hat! I have heard about the fatigue. I think it's probably impossible to describe to someone who hasn't gone through it.

    Thinking of you, for sure.

  3. Could you maybe swap months with someone for the guest blog slot? Then you could let thoughts drift in and out as they come, and not feel pressured about a pretty-soon deadline.

    Love the hat, especially the colors!

  4. Chemo is a complete bitch. It poisons our bodies and I am always amazed when people say they sailed through it. I did not sail through mine. I spent a lot of time curled in the fetal position in bed and prayed for death. THe fact that you have continued to post is amazing. I committed to blogging when I was doing my cancer dance and the posts came fewer and further between as chemo went on. I also started a counted cross stitch project. Lets just say that was not one of my best ideas. LOL I send you love and light and may you take the time you need to heal from the poisoning your body is going through. It took me almost 2 years to feel normal after chemo, I hope your healing is quicker....

  5. I feel so sorry for you, having such a hard time. Chemo ruins your life, and saves it at the sane time, how cruel. Take care, big hug xx


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