15 November 2013

Squares Cut but...

Here I thought I was way safe by dyeing 4 yards of purple and 2 yards of green. Oh well. I needed 196 squares to get 49 blocks done but I ended up with 144 squares of purple and less of green. Fortunately I use so much olive I had a few scraps left around and managed to get just enough (144) to make 36 blocks.
Thank goodness for that.

So now my 7 ( 12") block by 7 (12") block has become a 6 (12") block by 6 (12") block with a 6" boarder. It could have been much worse. I will still end up with my 7 foot square quilt. The only thing is that now there is no room for mistakes.

Another thing is that I have been rethinking the circles in favor of the tradition layout of the Drunkard Path. When I get the blocks cut and sewn, I will do a final layout on the floor and make my decision. Remember this is going to be a quilt-as-you-go project.

Now on to the circle cuts, yikes!!


  1. I Think this quilt will be just wonderful!¨

  2. It will all work out in the end... just maybe not as you had originally planned! You still get high marks for taking on such a large project under your current situation, at least in my book!


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