29 October 2013

Prayers flags revisited (and 3rd anniversary post)

After the post about the prayer flags, Judy Sall from the FIRE blog as well as Penny from Illinois, a reader of my blog but also a participant in the Dorothy Caldwell workshop I attended both emailed to see if they could make prayer flags as well. I loved the idea. 
There is a story behind each flag and wonderful notes accompanied them. As a matter of fact, Judy took the photo on the front of the card she printed while in Monument Valley.
The sentiments and love that came with each are of course my favorite parts. I want to share them with you.

 Judy's prayer flag in detail.
Waiting for Penny's which I knew was on it's way!!

 Penny's beautiful flag made from the scraps of a quilt made about hope in hard times and a vision of what could be  - how perfect!
 Finally united
From a distance


  1. These are beautiful and so special. I'm off to quilt festival in Houston early tomorrow morning- very excited as usual.

  2. The two new flags look great with the other ones! I'm really glad to have participated.

  3. I'm glad I could contribute one too! Lots of good thoughts and love in that display!

  4. I love them! So pretty and inspiring!


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