24 October 2013

I didn't win the quilt

The Oncology unit at my hospital had a great raffle - actually many raffles with big prizes like a new kayak, and an all expenses paid weekend on Monhegan Island. I wanted the quilt and even though many fantasies of me winning it were had, the quilt eluded me.

I decided to start my own new quilt and in the interest of ever getting it done will use the quilt as you go method.
I made my grandson a wonderful quilt (check it out) about 3 years ago called 20 moons. Each of the "moons" was quilted in a different quilt design, one being a spider web with it's own metallic thread spider. I will be using the same idea with the purple background and olive orbs. Not sure yet what the theme might be yet but I am in great need of a new quilt. So this is my start point complete with color catchers.


  1. this 2 colours are so WONDERFULL together

  2. Beautiful colors! Nice project to work on as you can, and I like the QAYG concept... looking forward to seeing your progress!

  3. Can't wait to see it in progress!

  4. Go girl, make yourself the quilt you dream of, and didn't win. Love the colours, perfect dyeing!

  5. Beautiful Colours, hope to see the progress of your dream quilt.


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