13 August 2012

Update on the Sewing Workshops

Two quilt shops have shown interest in my classes. I am booked for September 22 in Rockland at Quilt Divas for the "Best Ever Bookcover" which has morphed into a kindle holder. I will make an envelope type kindle holder as well as an book type kindle holder. I will also demonstrate the flip and sew method of quilting.
If you can't remember this method click on the QAYG tab on the homepage. This is the technique I used to assemble these blocks.
 Above is a kindle cover that opens like a book with Timtex inside to stiffen it. This fabric was the first fabric I ever dyed - years ago. I love it and never wanted to cut it up but thought it was great for this cover.
                             This is a kindle pouch I made for my cousin with a Velcro closure.

I just made this one for a sample to have at Quilt Divas. I didn't put a closure on it because there is a choice of three closures that can be used. It was a flip and sew piece and I don't like the flap so I will modify it for the class. The lining material is the botanical "resist" from the silk screen class last week.

The other place hasn't emailed back with an acceptance of my proposal so when she does, I'll give you all the details She is interested in the improvisational quilt.


  1. Glad to hear you're being well received!

    (I'm actually planning to try "the best book cover ever" very soon. Almost made it this weekend and then got distracted. lol)


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