08 August 2012

More from the workshop

Here are some of the completed pieces from Saturday which were washed out on Sunday. YEAH!
                                                 Hilary's interfacing stencil about 36" square
                                      Karen's interfacing stencil grasses with birds flying above.

                                  Hilary's deconstructed screens washed and dried and ready to use

                                              Karen's Deconstructed screen ready to use

                                                                           Flower paste resists
                                                    This one Hilary and I worked on together

                                                                 a single pull
                                                                    Random pulls

                                                              Karen's flour paste resist

Hilary's botanical "Objects as a resist"

                                                                Hilary's tape resist
Great work. These were two very talented women. We had a ball and will probably "play" again!!!

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