16 November 2011

Now for the cool part

OK, so now all the blocks have been made and I have continued to keep all my supplies in fabulous order…


By the way, I wanted to show you my new Janome 7700 with the built-in walking foot. 

I was very disappointed with this machine in that my old 2004 Brother Innov’is 4000 spins circles around it. The Brother threads itself with the touch of a button (YES) and STOPS dead when the bobbin is about to run out. I started to sell this Janome with 2 hours of use on it on Ebay but then tried the built in walking foot. I kept it for that that reason alone and it is all I use it for. The built in walking foot is a thing of beauty.
I also wanted to show you my sewing/ironing station inspired by Melody Johnson who actually is organized.

Now on to the blocks. Here are the 36 blocks I have made from 3 different viewpoints. I used the floor as a design wall and when done stacked each rows and labeled them rows 1 through 6 with the far left block on top. It is now time to join them together.

I will write this in words then add pictures. I think it is clear but then I also think I’m organized so you will be the judge…

                                                          looking down onto work
I took a 4 ½ inch strip 13 inches long, folded in half length-wise and ironed. I took a 2 ½ inch strip 13 inches long and a strip of batting 1 ½ inches by 13 inches long. This will create one join. I always have the block on the left and I start by laying the folded strip raw edges to the right edge of the block and at the same time take the 2 ½ inch wide strip and place it facing right side up on the bottom of the block. I will stitch one seam. I don’t trim.

                                                 Lifting the work and looking at the bottom
I then go to the ironing table and iron the folded (brown) piece flat, flip the block and iron the back (2 ½ “) strip flat.
Get this next step right and life will be easy.
I take the block I want to join on the right, lift the 2 ½” strip and pin it.

You know you are right when the right side of the 2 ½”strip and the BACK of the second block are facing each other. Sew that seam (second block to 2 ½” back strip). Take to the ironing table and press join flat. You are not done quite yet.

Turquoise block on left, brown folded strip laid open to the left, wrong side of backing (2 1/2") strip facing up (polks dots) and green second block now joined by polka dot strip.

Lay both blocks (joined by the backing strip) on the sewing table, add the strip (1½”) of batting in the ditch, cover with the folded fabric with the folded edge touching the stitching line of the backing strip. Sew a fell flat seam (top stitch)to hold the folded fabric in place. You have just joined two blocks.
add 1/2" wide rows of quilting to hold in place
 I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted!!!!!
Use this method to join the 6 blocks in each row. I pinned the # of each row on the left edged block for each row so I would remember how each row needed to be oriented. Tomorrow joining rows which was where I came up short. Just how was I going to do this without using one solid strip of fabric (I didn't want that look).
Tomorrow, answers to that question....


  1. Love your "organization" shot! :)

    I've tried a bastardized version of Mari's QAYG for long and wide strips (26 x 80) but never done actual blocks. I think I'm going to try it!

    Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL. :)

  2. This is looking fantastic! I'll have to give it try. Thanks for all the great photos!

  3. By Friday I will have all the eventualities covered since there were many "Ask me how I know" moments. The quilt actually looks better than I ever suspected it might (if I do say so myself).


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